September 24, 2007

GFY: David Haugh

I'm not doing my Dallas Cowboys blog this year, so information I care to discuss about the boys will be posted here.

David Haugh is a Chicago sports writer that had crow for breakfast this morning. Mr. Haugh's article on Saturday basically stated that Tony Romo is nothing but hype, because he has yet to face a top rated defense, and surely poor little Antonio was going to break like a twig under the pressure of Da Bears mighty top ranked defense.
Nothing against Romo, the hottest Cowboy since Tim McGraw, but his rapid inclusion in conversations about the league's quarterbacking elite ignores the shoddy defensive teams that have helped Romo's blue star rise.
Pro Bowl or no Pro Bowl, until Romo stars against a defense ranked in the top half of the league—11 of 13 opponents haven't been—a big question will remain.
Tony Romo completed 22 of 35 passes for 329 yards and 2 TDs as Da Boys spanked the Shitcago Bears 34-10 last night at Soldier Field.
The brilliant David Haugh also thought that the Bears Charles Tillman was going to slow down Terrell Owens last night, because Tillman was able to slow down some other big receiver before. Well, Owens turned Tillman into his bitch by catching 8 passes for 145 yards.

September 13, 2007

Suicide by Guillotine

Owen Wilson could learn a thing or two from this guy.

Allen Park police find man's body, guillotine in wooded area
Doug Guthrie / The Detroit News

ALLEN PARK -- A 41-year-old Melvindale man, whose body was discovered Monday, went to extraordinary and bizarre lengths to kill himself by constructing a 7-foot-tall guillotine in a wooded area near Fairlane Green shopping center.

"It was the most deliberate suicide I've seen in my 28 years (as a police officer)," said Dale Covert, deputy chief of Allen Park Police. "It was one of those things where when you saw it, you couldn't help asking yourself, "What the heck?"

Groundskeepers from the shopping center, at Outer and Fairlane drives, discovered the device and the body in a thickly wooded area shortly after 11 a.m. Monday. About a third of the 243 acre former Ford Motor Company landfill is being developed for retail shopping while the remainder is undeveloped green space crisscrossed with trails.

Police, who believe the man had been dead two days, declined to release his name. Covert said the man had lived within walking distance of the spot where he died. Investigators believe the man made numerous trips to carry the wooden and metal parts of his contraption into the woods where he assembled it. Covert said the man didn't leave a note.

"He spent some time doing this," Covert said. "This wasn't a spur of the moment plan."
The machine utilized a "swing arm-type blade," according to police, instead of the more famous falling blade of guillotines used by executioners in France from that nation's revolution in 1792, until the death penalty was outlawed there in 1981. The device had a lever that allowed the man to trigger it himself, Covert said.

Allen Park police and firefighters disassembled the machine after photographing it at the scene. Some of the metal parts, including the blade, were kept as evidence while the wooden parts were to be disposed of because they were soaked in blood and considered a biohazard, Covert said.

Although the device didn't completely decapitate the victim, Covert said he believes the man died instantly from his injuries.

"It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in my life,"Covert said. "It probably didn't quite work the way he planned, but it succeeded in taking his life, probably instantly. I don't believe he suffered."

A Monkey and His Pigeon Bitch

The abandoned monkey who has found love with a pigeon
13th September 2007

They're an odd couple in every sense but a monkey and a pigeon have become inseparable at an animal sanctuary in China.

The 12-week-old macaque - who was abandoned by his mother - was close to death when it was rescued on Neilingding Island, in Goangdong Province.

After being taken to an animal hospital his health began to improve but he seemed spiritless - until he developed a friendship with a white pigeon.

The blossoming relationship helped to revive the macaque who has developed a new lease of life, say staff at the sanctuary.

Now the unlikely duo are never far from each other's side, but they aren't the only ones to strike up an unusual friendship.

Earlier this year a pig adopted a tiger cub and raised him along with her piglets because his mother couldn't feed him. And in 2005 a baby dear named Mi-Lu befriended lurcher Geoffrey at the Knowsley Animal Park in Merseyside after she was rejected by her mother.

September 07, 2007

Iraqi Insurgent Goes BOOM!

This is supposedly a video of an Iraqi shooting off mortars. I hate to give away the ending, but I like the way the video stops abruptly, because I figure the shrapnel took out the camera man.

You see, this is an example of why I think it is ridiculous that several of the Warner Bros. cartoons were censored and banned from TV. This poor bastard would have known not to buy ammunition from an ACME mail order catalog if his parents had let him watch one Wile E. Coyote clip when he was younger. I wonder if all of that "Allahu Akbar" jabber helped any? I mean after the explosion of course, because it's obvious that it didn't help before or during.

Osama Bin Laden Through the Years

Click the pic to enlarge

You would think a guy resourceful enough to get Just for Men hair coloring in the mountains of Afghanistan could also get his hands on a high-res camera. Anyone else think he looks like he's had a couple of nose jobs over the years, or is it just me?

Seriously: I took a few art classes a long time ago in which we studied faces, and the guy in the most recent picture doesn't look like Bin Laden to me. His nose is different, along with a few other features, in my opinion. I'll be interested to hear what the experts have to say next week. Personally, I think the real Osama has been room temperature for a couple of years.

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