September 24, 2007

GFY: David Haugh

I'm not doing my Dallas Cowboys blog this year, so information I care to discuss about the boys will be posted here.

David Haugh is a Chicago sports writer that had crow for breakfast this morning. Mr. Haugh's article on Saturday basically stated that Tony Romo is nothing but hype, because he has yet to face a top rated defense, and surely poor little Antonio was going to break like a twig under the pressure of Da Bears mighty top ranked defense.
Nothing against Romo, the hottest Cowboy since Tim McGraw, but his rapid inclusion in conversations about the league's quarterbacking elite ignores the shoddy defensive teams that have helped Romo's blue star rise.
Pro Bowl or no Pro Bowl, until Romo stars against a defense ranked in the top half of the league—11 of 13 opponents haven't been—a big question will remain.
Tony Romo completed 22 of 35 passes for 329 yards and 2 TDs as Da Boys spanked the Shitcago Bears 34-10 last night at Soldier Field.
The brilliant David Haugh also thought that the Bears Charles Tillman was going to slow down Terrell Owens last night, because Tillman was able to slow down some other big receiver before. Well, Owens turned Tillman into his bitch by catching 8 passes for 145 yards.


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