October 02, 2007

GFY: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Once again, the Rock & Roll HOF shows that it is nothing more than a bad joke. This is the most ridiculous group of nominees EVER.

The 2008 nominees:
Donna Summer
The Beastie Boys
Afrika Bambaataa
John Mellencamp
The Dick Clark Five
The Ventures

WTF? Once again, acts like KISS, The Moody Blues, Chicago, Alice Cooper, Tina Turner, Steve Winwood, John Fogerty, etc. etc, get the shaft. I'm not a fan of everyone not in the HOF, but how are any of these people not in before Donna Summer and Afrika Bambaata? Most of the people going in these days are not what I consider Rock & Roll. My message to the RNR HOF is "Go Fawk Yourself" (using my best Tony Soprano imitation).


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