June 04, 2007

Who is Happy Guy?

I was browsing through Facebook, and I ran across this group titled "Who is Happy Guy?" It peaked my curiosity a bit, so I clicked on the link. Here are some excerpts from what the poster of the profile had to say:

My brother Nate found this photo in the rubbish bin of a hotel room in Banff, Canada almost 7 years ago. He kept the picture and since then, Happy Guy has been smiling at the family from his spot on our kitchen fridge. The goal of this group is to find Happy Guy and meet him. Then we'll find out the answers to those questions that need to be asked; Is he is the Happiest Man in the world? Why did he throw out the picture?

Recently Big Dave Sturdy, the father of myself and Nate, made a “Who is Happy Guy” shirt for Nathan.
He ironed the picture to the back of a shirt bought in an op-shop for $1. The front of the shirt has a colourful dragon on it. To spread the word, Nate wore the shirt to our local pub. That is the extent of the shirts usage thus far as Nate left it on my bedroom floor……..where it still remains to this very day. Will the shirt make another appearance? Time will tell.
If you'd like to join the cause and help find Happy Guy, click the pic and you will be directed to the Facebook page.


At 6/25/2007 5:58 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Spread the word! The who is happy guy? website is up, and will be updated soon!


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