May 16, 2007

Tony Romo & Carrie Underwood

My man, Romo, was Carrie Underwood's date at the Country Music Awards last night. The two haven't announced they are a couple, but come on! She was on the Cowboys' sideline for about two hours during the Thanksgiving Day game last year before and after performing at halftime. Troy Aikman dated country music singer, Lori Morgan, so I have confidence that Romo won't let his celebrity girlfriend screw up his playing. I'm glad Romo is with Carrie Underwood and not Jessica Simpson. Rumors were that Romo dated Simpson, but in reality he never got further than having lunch with her father. Carrie is much smarter than Simpson as evidenced by the fact that she duped America into voting for her as the 2005 American Idol winner when she actually should have been competing on Nashville Star. I believe Romo dating Simpson would have just been too taxing on him and a distraction because of having to explain stuff all of the time.

Romo took some friendly ribbing from the media for holding Underwood's purse while she accepted her two awards.

"You have to help out when you can," he said. "I am just a secondary protocol there. I am there to do a job, and it was to hold the purse."

Romo also met George Straight while at the awards, and Cowboys' tight end, Jason Witten, claimed that Romo had no idea who George Straight was.

"I knew who he was," Romo said with a big grin. "I've never met him before, but I knew who he was. Witten doesn't know what he's talking about." Yeah right. I wish I didn't know who George Straight was either, and I sure as hell wouldn't be bragging to anyone about meeting him.


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