April 04, 2007

Keith Richards Will Snort Anything -- Even His Father

In comments published yesterday, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones admitted to once snorting the ashes of his cremated father mixed with cocaine.

"The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father," Richards was quoted as saying by British music magazine NME.

I don't find this the least bit surprising. I don't understand how the Rolling Stones have been around for so long and still sell seats for $300 each anytime they tour. They've been washed up for years, and they're one of the most overrated bands of all time in my opinion.

UPDATE: So, the Rolling Stones' manager or publicist is trying to say Keith was joking and basically said it should be considered an April Fool's joke. Uh huh. This is nothing more than an attempt to fix a publicity nightmare.

In an article published on its website, the magazine said the remark was "no quip, but came about after much thinking" by the rock star. "He didn't offer the information, I had to ask him a couple of questions to get the information out of him," interviewer Mark Beaumont was quoted as saying. "He didn't come straight out with that. He did seem to be quite honest about it. There were too many details for him to be making it up."

Now that I think of it, Ol' Keef probably didn't snort his dad's ashes. He probably shot up with them.


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