March 20, 2007

Bon Jovi Goes Country

It appears that Bon Jovi has completely made the switch over to being a country music band. The band had a hit from a single on their last album called "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" which was definitely a country tune. Now, the band's new album, Lost Highway, which comes out in June was produced by Dann Huff. Dann also produces the country band Rascal Flats and country singer Keith Urban. Bon Jovi is performing the first single from the new album on the CMT Country Music Awards show in Nashville, and another song from the album, "We Got it Going On," is a duet with the country band Big-N-Rich.

I think it's funny that Bon Jovi was considered a "metal" band back in the 80's, but their songs always had a pop sound to them. Each of their albums got progressively softer with more ballads. Jon blew out his vocal chords a few years ago, so he can't even sing the high-pitched, rock 'n' roll style songs from the band's early days anymore, so I guess the band switching to country isn't such a huge stretch. Bon Jovi was never my favorite band, but they managed to escape the hair band stereotype and keep their careers going steadily for about 25 years. That's more than Axl Rose has ever done.

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