January 31, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

There aren't too many places where business is more cutthroat than in Seattle. Seattle, home of the Starbuck's chain, has hundreds of local coffee houses all fighting for the same nickel. However, there is a fairly new coffee shop chain in the Seattle area that is giving its competitors, even Starbucks, a reason to take notice. This new chain has gone back to a very old business model to garner their success. That business model is "Sex sells," and the new chain is called Cowgirls Espresso.

Cowgirls Espresso owner, Lori Bowden, opened her first coffee stand four years ago. Lori's two employees, Candice and Toni, coaxed her into doing "Bikini Wednesdays." Immediately, the profit on Wednesdays doubled. "School Girl Tuesdays", "Cowgirl Thursdays," and "Military Mondays" were later added.

Cowgirls Espresso now has six locations in the Seattle area. Their website can be visited at www.cowgirlsespresso.com, or just click the pictures above.


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