November 30, 2006

Victory in Dallas/Fever in Pittsburgh

I had a great time at the game as the Cowboys massacred the Bucs 38-10. After the game, I decided to hang out at the corral, and who should show up but Jerry Jones himself. I had seen Jerry from a distance before, and I even got to walk around his personal airplane a few years back while he was at his mother-in-law's funeral, but I never got to meet him. Since he was standing right there, I figured "What the hell", so I approached him and had him sign my Cowboys jacket. It was a pretty cool way to end the evening.

The next morning, I missed my flight to Pittsburgh and had to get on stand by for the next flight. Luckily, there were enough seats; although, someone weighing in excess of 300 lbs. was next to me. Shamu inspired me to write another blog which you can read at within a day or so.

When I arrived in Pittsburgh, I was elated to see my daughter and her mother, but I could tell that bad things were about to happen. I ended up bed ridden from the time I arrived Friday until Sunday night with a sore throat and high fever. When I get a fever, my body quits functioning. It basically messed up the whole trip; however, I was happy to see my daughter, and she didn't seem to mind hanging around the hotel room watching the Cartoon Network or swimming in the hotel's indoor pool. Monday, I felt much better, and we were able to have lunch in Pittsburgh, ride up the Duquesne incline, walk around Mt. Washington and even have a little ice cream, so the entire trip was not a loss. Overall, I give the trip a C-.


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