October 31, 2006

Evel Knievel at Pittsbrugh Regatta 1998

I have a box full of old pictures that I have been going through and trying to sort out. My intention is to create a web album that my family and friends can eventually enjoy. I happened to run across this pic, and thought that it was well worth posting.

Back in August 1998, I lived in Pittsburgh, and Evel Knievel was a key speaker at the annual Regatta that month. Evel has been fighting hepatitis "C", the lethal kind, for several years now. If you happened to watch his biographical movie that starred George Eads of CSI fame, you probably can figure out how he got the hepatitis.

The signature at the bottom of the picture is where he signed the back of one of my business cards. It is his real autograph, and I didn't photoshop anything. This is one of a small collection of celebrity autographs I have, and I seem to appreciate this one a little more as time goes on. I have a buddy that has met every member in KISS, and he told me he would trade it all to meet Evel just one time. I'm starting to understand why. Evel was no upstanding citizen or someone that you would want your kids to look up to, but he was sort of like Elvis on a bike. That's pretty cool. It's not every day that you get to meet a man that has broken every bone in his body and get his autograph.


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