September 01, 2006

Pink Taco Stadium?

Pink Taco Restaurant has officially approached the Arizona Cardinals about naming rights for the team's new stadium. The Morton's, the family behind the Pink Taco, put in a starting offer of $3 million per year. The Morton's are friends with former USC great and 2006 first round draft pick of the Cardinals, Matt Leinart, whom obviously knows a thing or two about Pink Taco. Leinart, the future franchise quarterback for Arizona, once dated Paris Hilton. He will also become the Baby Daddy of ex-girlfriend and USC basketball player, Brynn Cameron, sometime in November (I guess the former Trojan didn't use a Trojan).

The $3 million per year would be one of the biggest stadium naming rights contracts ever, but the Cardinals want no part of the name. I think the Cardinals should grow a pair and sign the deal. There is only one other NFL team more suited to play in Pink Taco Stadium than the Arizona Cardinals, and that would be the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, the Colts already have a stadium sponsor, so the Cardinals should snatch this deal while it's still wide open for negotiation.


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