September 30, 2006

The Busiest Beaver

As I get older, I tend to watch less television, and the things I do watch on TV are considerably different from the shows I watched even a few years ago for the most part. Reality TV has become the new thing with shows like Big Brother, The Apprentice, Survivor, My Fair Brady, Hogan Knows Best, America's Top Model, and so on and so on. I'm just not into those types of programs.

Currently my favorite shows are Cold Case Files, Forensic Files, City Confidential, and all of the other true crime drama shows that can be found on cable networks. I figure knowing how to properly dispose of a dead body might come in handy some day. I quit watching network TV when Seinfeld and Friends ended, and I didn't really watch Friends during its final couple of seasons until the very end, because I wanted to see how it finished up.

However, NBC has once again brought two new shows to the table that I am really enjoying for the moment. My Name is Earl and The Office. I've only seen a few episodes of either show, but I am thoroughly amused every time I have the opportunity to catch one of them. The Office impressed me so much that I bought the season one and season two DVD sets -- the first DVD sets I have ever bought for a TV show other than the original Ultraman bootlegs I picked up from eBay.

The Office is a take off of a British TV series with the same name, but I've never seen the original. Stever Carell, famous for being The 40 Year Old Virgin, plays the office manager that most anyone would love to have as a boss. He heads a branch of a company named Dunder Mifflin located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I have attached a clip from one of my favorite episodes from the first episode of the second season. In this clip, the office manager is handing out the annual "Dundies. " The Dundies are an award ceremony that Steve Carell's character has conjured up, and a ceremony is held annually at the local Chili's. Each member of the office gets an award for things like "Tight Ass" for not only having a tense personality, but also having nice buns. Another person got the "Don't Follow Him into the Bathroom" Dundie Award. This particular clip is when an employee named Phyllis receives the "Busiest Beaver" award.


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