August 31, 2006

What the @#!% Was That?

I just got finished watching the Cowboys play Minnesota in Texas Stadium for their final preseason game of 2006. The game went into overtime and ended in a 10-10 tie after Mike Vanderjagt missed his second field goal of the evening, both going wide right. What the hell? Of all of the hype about TO going on and his injury and his missing practice, nobody seems to have paid attention to the real issue. Vanderjagt has been sidelined with a groin problem during all of training camp, and he has missed about as much practice as TO. This is a bigger story in my opinion.

Anyone that watched the game tonight should realize that the Cowboys are no longer hurting at the wide reciever position like they have been since Michael Irvin had to retire. Some guy wearing No. 17 with the last name Hurd had well over 100 yards tonight. Who? Also, what about this kid named Jamaica Rector? He has had a huge preseason. These are guys that may not even make the team, because they are fighting for a position below Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, and TO. If TO suddenly drops off of the face of the earth, I don't think it will cause the Cowboys too much grief.

Now, this Vanderjagt situation is a whole different problem. For anyone that doesn't know, the Cowboys lost three games due to missed field goals last season. If they had won those games, they would have been a 12-4 team. Tonight, Vanderjagt missed as many field goals as he did in all of last season with the Colts. Vanderjagt is known for having chronic groin injuries, and his latest one is supposedly healed, but is it? I don't know. I am concerned.

For any of you sweating out whether or not Terrell Owens will play in the opener against Jacksonville, take a deep breath and sit down. Now, start worrying about what is going to happen when there are three seconds left on the clock and Dallas is down by two at the Jacksonville 22 yard line, and Mike Vanderjagt is up to attempt a 39 yard field goal. Are you nervous? I am.

Does anyone else think Vanderjagt looks a little like Brian Regan sans the wind tunnel tested hairdo? Brian Regan should have been kicking tonight, and the Cowboys may have won.


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