August 09, 2006

They Call Him "The Dude"

I've spent a lot of time recently checking out other people's blogs. Some blogs are really intricate using Java Applets and animation; others are bare bones using nothing more than simple text. One of the most interesting blogs I have seen belongs to the actor Jeff Bridges.

I wouldn't say Jeff is one of my favorite actors, but he has been in some pretty good movies. My favorite movie of his was "The Big Lebowski" where he played the main character, Jeffrey Lebowski. Lebowski simply wanted to be called "The Dude," and "The Dude" was your basic stoner hippie type as the name would imply. It was rumored that Jeff Bridges smoked pot incessantly to prepare for the role. After looking at Jeff's blog, I am inclined to believe the rumors, and I'm not convinced that he has ever quit smoking pot.

Jeff's entire blog is written in long hand, and he has someone digitize it. His posts are full of rambling about different subjects and a bunch of hand drawn sketches. There are links to information about his new CD, past interviews, his favorite charities, and a group of photos he took while on movie sets. One link simply named "Stuff" has a bunch of sketches that are hyperlinked to other sites. My personal favorite is a sketch of testicles that is linked to a story about a woman in the UK that was jailed for a "testicle attack" back in 2005.

If you have a few moments to spare, I would suggest clicking the pic above or going to to visit The Dude's blog.


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