August 31, 2006

Terrell Who?

The Cowboys close out the preseason tonight against the Minnesota ViQueens. The big buzz with the Cowboys is that Terrell Owens finally attended practice this week, and Bill Parcells said that he may have Owens suit up for the game tonight. He said he'll leave it up to TO whether or not he gets into the game for a few plays, depending on how his hamstring is doing.

Meanwhile, while the media is focused on the TO saga and making mountains out of mole hills, there has been this guy named Terry Glenn putting up some huge preseason numbers. Terry's name might sound familiar to you, because he led the NFL with 18.1 yards per catch last season. So far this preseason he has nine catches for 189 yards and two TD's. Yep, that's 21.0 yards per catch and two TD's in nine catches.

Sure, it's only preseason, but how can a Dallas fan not be excited. The first team offense has dominated their opponents, and the first string defense has not allowed a TD. It looks like there could be good things to come.

Sure, I'd like to see TO in the game tonight, but I doubt I'll miss him too much if he doesn't play.


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