August 11, 2006

Mound Charger

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Online Sportsbook Mound Charger
Here's a cool interactive thing I found on the net. First click Play Now, and then verify you are 18 or older under the title. You pick your least favorite major league baseball team on the next screen. A pitcher from that team appears on a baseball mound, and a hot babe avatar is at the plate. The pitcher brushes back the hot babe, and she charges the plate. Before she gets to the plate, you are asked to type in a command. She does some pretty crazy stuff. If you type in something she doesn't understand, she will just give you a "I don't think so" look.

Commands that I have found to work so far are: hit, kick, bite, slap, body slam, head lock, drop kick, and several others. This one is basically for the guys and not any young kids.

Is That Ace Frehley?

I grew up listening to KISS and was a huge fan. I blew a lot of money on the merchandise and actually still have some of it. Browsing their website today, I noticed that some company is releasing a set of 20" figures for $250 a pop. According to KISS' website, the first figure being released is Ace Frehley. I then looked at the manufacturing companies website, and they just call it The Spaceman.

My question is this: Just because KISS is saying it's Ace Frehley, how do people know that it is actually not a Tommy Thayer figure? I wonder if the Catman figure is Peter Criss or Eric Singer? It doesn't matter, I won't be buying them. Gene already has all of the Twinkie money that he's going to get from me.


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