August 11, 2006

Do You Wanna Touch Me There? Where? There!


Disgraced British rocker GARY GLITTER's sports anthem ROCK & ROLL PART 2 is to be removed from the playlists at NFL stadiums following protests from fans. National Football League officials have chosen to advise all teams to cease playing the tune after learning the song's 62-year-old author is a convicted paedophile. Glitter, real name PAUL FRANCIS GADD, is currently serving a three-year sentence in a Vietnamese prison after being found guilty of child molestation. Rock + Roll Part 2, which was written in 1972, has become a familiar anthem at sports stadiums across America. NFL officials hope the governing bodies of other sports like baseball and basketball follow their lead and ban the song.

This dude is lucky to only be serving three years. If the British government hadn't been involved, he would have been sentenced to a firing squad -- the normal punishment for child molestation in Vietnam. Although, he may wish he was dead after sitting in a Vietnamese prison.


At 8/11/2006 7:26 AM, Blogger K. Buckhill said...

Flippin' perv! I'm glad he's in a Vietnamese prison--they don't mess around!


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